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Sustainable, environmentally friendly, energy efficient

Out of their sense of responsibility towards the environment and nature and desire to become independent of fossil fuels and constantly rising energy costs, more and more greenhouse businesses are opting for almost climate-neutral wood combustion. The fuel, usually wood pellets, briquettes or wood chips, can usually be obtained from sustainable regional production. This ensures that no healthy trees are felled, but that the fuel produced during wood processing, for example in sawmills, is used.


Perfect in meeting fluctuating energy requirements by virtue of its rapid controllability

The sun sometimes provides more, sometimes less energy. The indoor temperatures in a greenhouse therefore fluctuate not only during the day, but also between day and night. If the energy screens are open to allow the plants the maximum light yield, the heat demand often shoots up and drops noticeably at night. Due to these constantly changing conditions, greenhouses need to be climate controlled to ensure the maximum yield.

This requires flexible, responsive heating. Depending on the greenhouse area ENDRESS not only offers the required state-of-the-art control technology, but also perfectly adjusts the hot water buffer to the respective heat requirements . In order to leave you enough time for your plants and crops, we advise you on how to apply for subsidies and are also immediately there for you during operation or in the event of malfunctions.



In unseren Case Studies erfahren Sie, wie unsere Kunden von unseren den Lösungen profitieren konnten.

USF-S | 100-300 kW

The compact ENDRESS USF-S wood combustion system guarantees economic and efficient residual wood…

USF-W | 250-1100 kW

The modern ENDRESS USF-W wood combustion system is designed for an output of 250 to 1000 kW and…

Conveyor technology

We offer reliable, durable conveyor technology for automatic discharge and transport as well as…

Filter technology

Under all circumstances, the emissions from your wood combustion system remain below the current…

Heating circuit control

Our customised control technology ensures that heating and hot water supply are always optimally…

Energy data collection

Those who know their energy costs and consumption are well on the way to recognising and exploiting…

VR-S | 100-300 kW

The ENDRESS VR-S wood combustion system compact solution for an output of 100-300 kW.

VR-W | 250-900 kW

ENDRESS VR-W wood combustion system is designed for an output of 250 to 900 kW and impresses with…

Take advantage of federal funding

An ENDRESS wood combustion system serves as a heat source for process heat, heating and domestic hot water. By virtue of By virtue of the control of up to 30 heating circuits, buffer tanks and other heat sources can be easily integrated.

If you would like to use process heat from renewable energies, the federal government subsidises the replacement or new acquisition of systems for the provision of heat from biomass systems, such as an ENDRESS wood combustion system, if more than 50 % of the heat is used for "processes, i.e. for the production, further processing or refinement of products or for the provision of services" (Source: BAFA). We will be happy to assist you with the application process.

Energy efficiency in the economy (grant)


Do you have any questions or would you like to receive individual advice from our professionals?

ENDRESS adapts your new combustion plant individually to your annual heat requirements, the type and quantity of waste wood produced and the space available on your site. Each offer is combined with a specific installation proposal.

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