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Record heat consumption and energy consumption digitally

Whether it’s for energy controlling, energy audit, environmental report, preparation of a certification according to DIN EN 50001 or DIN EN 14001 or an in-house environmental concept - there are many reasons to measure, record and subsequently evaluate the energy data from your ENDRESS wood combustion system. In addition, many funding programmes also require proof of the energy data from the funded installation. Probably the most important reason: Those who know their energy costs and energy consumption are well on the way to recognising and exploiting areas of optimisation potential.


We have the right firing technology to go with it

USF-S | 100-300 kW

The compact ENDRESS USF-S wood combustion system guarantees economic and efficient residual wood…

USF-W | 250-1100 kW

The modern ENDRESS USF-W wood combustion system is designed for an output of 250 to 1000 kW and…

VR-S | 100-300 kW

The ENDRESS VR-S wood combustion system compact solution for an output of 100-300 kW.

VR-W | 250-900 kW

ENDRESS VR-W wood combustion system is designed for an output of 250 to 900 kW and impresses with…

Individual solution by virtue of intensive consultation

ENDRESS adapts the particulate matter filter technology perfectly to your wood combustion system. We combine every offer with a specific installation proposal, which is individually oriented to your annual heat requirements, type and quantity of waste wood produced, as well as the space available on your premises. We recommend you arrange an appointment today.

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