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With an ENDRESS heating control system, you have the guarantee that all components such as the boiler, buffer tank, boiler, circulation pumps, switching valves, mixer and hydraulics interact perfectly.

By virtue of the possibility of controlling up to 30 heating circuits, you can perfectly match your ENDRESS wood combustion system to the conditions in your business. Whether boiler loading, control of peak load boilers or weather-compensated control - our customised control technology ensures that heating and hot water supply are always optimally balanced.


Basic module and extension modules Heating circuit control

  • Control of up to 30 heating circuits
  • Hardware - Extension module
  • Software - Extension module
  • Incl. temperature sensor
  • Control 3-way mixer
  • Control of heating circuit pumps
  • Only in conjunction with control unit Puffer maxi SP 3
  • Temperature-dependent charging of a boiler
  • Hardware - Extension module
  • Software - Extension module
  • Incl. 1 boiler sensor
  • Load-dependent connection of up to two peak-load boilers
  • Automatic switch-on in the event of faults
  • Manual switch-on possible via display
  • Weather-compensated control
  • Can be activated for each individual heating circuit
  • Hardware - Extension module
  • Software - Extension module
  • Outdoor sensor
  • For the processing of a room sensor to switch the heating circuit on or off
  • Can be deactivated for each individual heating circuit
  • Incl. hardware - extension module and software
  • System control additionally according to buffer temperature
  • Software - Extension module
  • Hardware - Extension module

Extensions & interfaces

  • Mixer control
  • Control heating circuit pump

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ENDRESS adapts your new combustion plant individually to your annual heat requirements, the type and quantity of waste wood produced and the space available on your site. Each offer is combined with a specific installation proposal.

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