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The right flue gas cleaning system for every fuel

Wood combustion is an essential piece of the puzzle for the energy transition and the achievement of climate targets. The prerequisite here is that the technology is able to reduce the health-endangering emissions of particulate matter, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides that are produced during wood combustion. With the ENDRESS particulate matter filter RGF, you can keep the emissions from your wood combustion system below the current, specified limit of 0.02 g/m³ under all circumstances. To minimise nitrogen oxides as well, we use the SNCR process in our wood combustion systems.


Legal basis for NOx reduction

44th BimSchV

The use of waste wood and residual wood for energy purposes is regulated by law. The basis for this is essentially the Ordinance on Combustion Systems Requiring Approval (Verordnung über genehmigungspflichtige Feuerungsanlagen), the 44th Ordinance on Combustion Systems Requiring Approval (44th BimSchV. Stricter requirements for NOx apply here.


What is SNCR?

Primary design measures in an ENDRESS wood combustion system ensure that the nitrogen oxide content in the flue gas is reduced as far as possible. By virtue of the interaction of combustion chamber monitoring and flue gas recirculation, our systems already achieve good emission values during combustion. In addition, the proven principle of air staging is applied. Primary air is introduced into the combustion chamber to gasify the fuel, secondary air is used to oxidise the combustible pyrolysis gases - the resulting heat is transferred to the heat exchanger, leaving ash and flue gas.

As a secondary measure for flue gas denitrification, ENDRESS relies on the SNCR process (selective non-catalytic reduction process). In this process, urea solution (NH3) is injected into the combustion chamber in a targeted manner. It reacts there with nitrogen monoxide (NO) to form molecular nitrogen and water vapour. The nitrogen can be disposed of with the ash.


Underfeed combustion

USF-W 200-1100 kW

The modern ENDRESS USF-W wood combustion system is designed for an output of 250 to 1000 kW and impresses with its high efficiency.



Individual solution by virtue of intensive consultation

ENDRESS adapts the particulate matter filter technology perfectly to your wood combustion system. We combine every offer with a specific installation proposal, which is individually oriented to your annual heat requirements, type and quantity of waste wood produced, as well as the space available on your premises. We recommend you arrange an appointment today.

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