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Case Study

Speedmaster GmbH

Economies of Speed plus the very best quality

The fact that the Upper Austrian furniture parts manufacturer Speedmaster can process standard orders from batch size 1 and send them on their way to the customer within 48 hours did not happen overnight. Since the company took the leap from carpentry to CNC contract manufacturing in 2001, the degree of automation has been steadily increased. Today, 20 years later, 80 % of the orders run from the product configurator in the online shop directly into the highly efficient, largely automated production.

As of March 2021, Speedmaster supplies 20,000 joinery businesses in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol with top-quality carcasses, fronts, cut-to-size parts, worktops, drawers and sliding doors. Production takes place at the main site in Eberstalzell as well as at the German site in Steinsfeld, which was commissioned in 2015 - including a fully automatic wood combustion system from ENDRESS for the energetic recovery of the chips as heating energy.

  • Combustion technology

    Underfeed combustion USF-W 500 | 400-550 kW

  • Conveyor technology

    Chip discharge type SL

  • Conveyor technology

    Truck discharge screw for type SL

  • Buffer tank


  • Heating circuits

    Heating circuit control

  • Fuel


  • In operation

    since 2012

The challenge:High chip volume

Around 35m3 of chips are extracted daily during the machining of the panel materials on the CNC machines at the Franconian site and transported directly into a silo. The company uses part of the wood waste to generate its own heat requirements. The rest is sold and collected around the clock to make room in the silo again, because production takes place in 3 shifts. Speedmaster therefore placed the same demands on its new combustion system in terms of the automation, efficiency, speed and flexibility as it did on all the other processes.

The solution:High degree of automation

A Gottwald silo discharge screw with a maximum capacity of 120 m 3 per hour ensures rapid chip discharge at the silo. With the help of key switches, the truck drivers can set the conveyor control system in motion themselves, without the need for Speedmaster employees.

The ENDRESS USF-W wood combustion system with 500 KW output also runs unmanned apart from regular care and maintenance intervals. Chip entry, boiler cleaning and central ash removal are automated. The control supplies 10 separate heating circuits. In order to ensure continuous operation of the boiler and thus optimum efficiency even with different load profiles, the system has two buffer tanks with a capacity of 5,000 litres each.

"When designing a combustion system, we always have the future in mind," explains Managing Director Klaus Endress. The dimensioning of the boiler output, the buffer storage and the chip silo in Steinsfeld is completely sufficient in the event of a plant expansion. In terms of air pollution control, the system also complies with the law and is fit for the future. The ENDRESS RGF 500 particulate matter filter developed in-house keeps emissions below the limit value of 0.02 g/m³ (according to 1st BImschV). The reduction of nitrogen oxides is ensured by an integrated, controlled flue gas denitrification according to the SNCR process.

When designing a combustion system, we always have the future in mind.

Klaus Endress Managing Director

Speedmaster has hit a nerve with the business model of the super-fast, extended workbench for joineries. In order to be able to handle the constantly growing order volumes, a larger company building with fully automated production was also moved into at the headquarters in Austria in 2017. The good experience with Steinsfeld bore fruit and so a USF-W 1000 underfeed combustion system from ENDRESS is also responsible for heat production there.

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