Fine dust filter


In cooperation with the Institute for Air and Cryogenic Technology, ENDRESS develops fine dust filters, primarily for its own series of wood-fuel boilers. Wood firing and fine dust filters are therefore perfectly matched to the equipment at ENDRESS – all from a single source. 

Levels are kept well below the thresholds for fine dust in accordance with the latest version of the 1st Federal Emission Protection Act (2nd stage) with our fine dust filters – this applies in particular to fuels of categories 6 and 7 (e.g. particle boards, MDF fibre boards, sawdust and other dust). ENDRESS guarantees a reliable solution for compliance of the 1st Federal Emission Protection Act. 

With ENDRESS fine dust filters, less than 10 mg/m³ of dust is emitted. This means that wood-fuel boilers, particularly in wood processing operations, can be operated within the strict dust thresholds as imposed throughout the EU by the Air Quality Framework Directive in the future, too. 

The advantages of an ENDRESS fine dust filter

During operation, the unique combination of 100% availability and approx. 90% discharge rate ensure that clean air is emitted from your chimney. If E-filters reach the limit of their filtration capacity, the fine dust filter can still filter out the finest of dust particles from the flue gas thanks to the durable filter hoses with fine pores. 

Automatic cleaning: Pressure blast cleaning of the filter cartridges takes place at controlled intervals and ensures economic operation of the wood-fuel boiler as well as low maintenance costs. Dry discharge at the fabric filter is via a standard ash container. The fine dust can thereby be disposed of conveniently. No additional pre-separation (cyclone) is necessary. 

Low operating costs are achieved by means of cleaning with differential pressure control. On other words: Cleaning only takes place when it is actually required. This means that the filter hoses can be used permanently. 



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