Control systems

Using resources innovatively


ENDRESS control systems: Sensitive and flexible complete solutions. 

ENDRESS control components cover all adjustment ranges and ensure that your wood-fuel boiler is highly sensitive and extremely flexible.

Basic equipment includes:

  • Manual switch for turning all augers forwards and backwards

  • Archive with alarm and incident monitor with date and time memory

  • Software available in English, French, German, and other languages on request

  • Individually adjustable combustion controller for different fuels

  • Return-flow booster controller for regulating the return temperature in order to protect the boiler

  • Buffer load controller for additional system control according to buffer temperature


The following optional equipment is also available:
  • GSM fault detection system that can send text messages to a mobile phone

  • Remote monitoring via smartphone APP

  • Remote access via Internet iSpy

  • Remote monitoring via smartphone APP

  • Heating circuit controller for up to 12 heater circuits

  • Back-up boiler controller for automatically switching on up to two back-up boilers depending on the load

  • Boiler load control for loading a boiler irrespective of the temperature
✔ Made in Germany
✔ Flexible deployment
✔ Own switch cabinet construction

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