ENDRESS: Innovative - highly efficient - reliable


An ENDRESS wood-fuel boiler is the product of coordinated technologies and intelligent design supplied exclusively from a single source. We have over 30 years' experience in the industry and our highly skilled employees are experts in leading-edge technologies and advanced production methods. Everything we make is manufactured in-house – right down to highly specialised electronics – and our multilingual customer service spans Europe. It is all these things that guarantee your systems are highly efficient and reliable in the long term.


  • Highest level of efficiency thanks to innovative control systems that regulate the combustion process
  • Broad range of usable fuels thanks to intelligent combustion chamber and temperature monitoring plus lambda control system
  • Intelligent flue gas recirculation
  • Excellent emission levels (well below those stipulated by the 1st Federal Emission Protection Act) thanks to further technical development
  • 10 year guarantee with maintenance contract

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